Friday, October 1, 2010

How to be a Good Person

v  Honesty. Try to be honest always without hurting someone's feelings if possible.
v  Cheating. Don't do it. Not on your spouse or your taxes.
v  Charity. Try to do something charitable when you can. This could be driving an elderly neighbor to the supermarket, volunteering at a soup kitchen or just writing a check to your favorite charity.
v  Drugs. Stay away from them. They are associated with bad behavior among many other things.
v  Words. Chose your words carefully. If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing "politely".
v  Helping Hands. This includes at home and at work. If you see someone who could use an extra hand, give it, even if you are tired and would rather just watch TV or take a nap.
v  Birthdays & Holidays. Remember these events with cards and phone calls to loved ones.


  1. mnarik2..ley jdkan guideline utk idop yg,ikutlaa guideline tuu yew kkwn..

  2. huhuhuhu...hope tuan punyer blog nie pun can make people hepi...hahahaha

  3. Tuan ni pyer blog ni mcm gud2 je kan??

  4. bgus2... i like this post.. haaaaaaaaa