Friday, October 1, 2010

E- Mail

E-mail is a service used to send and receive messages quickly and securely through an electronic or computer channel. In computing, email is a network service that allows two or more users to communicate with one another by messages that are sent and received through a computer or similar device. Email is one of the most used features of the Internet, which helps communications to be fast, reliable and accurate.
The email answers to a letter model. This way, it contains the sender, recipient, subject, message, and also is able to attach files as text documents or images. To send an email it only takes one computer (or other device) with Internet connection and software such as Outlook Express or Gmail to send and receive emails. The user must have an email address and a mail provider.
This makes distance communication around the world much faster, easier and cheaper to do it by other systems such as old letters today.
This type of technology is based on SMTP protocols, but can also apply to other systems and technologies.
Besides being easier and faster, the email service has multiple possibilities, as the alternative of sending the message to blind copy recipients, filter certain types of messages or recipients, or to ship to many recipients at once.


Wednesday, May 3, 2006
To: Honorable Darlene Hooley
Re: Request from Salem constituent

Hello. My name is Chuck Bennett. I'm a constituent who lives at 707 13th St. NE in Salem, Oregon 97301.
As a constituent Iam writing to tell you about Billy, my 10-year-old neighbor and to express my hope that you will continue to support IDEA funding contained in H2222 and continue the longterm effort to meet the federal government's stated goal of achieving 40% funding of special education.
I'm no expert on Billy's condition and can't really tell you what it is exactly. What I do know is that he goes to school every day and is a real asset to our neighborhood. When we are both at home he loves to share his experiences at school. What I have noticed is that although Billy can be difficult to understand, he really brightens up when he talks about the speech pathologist who works with him every day to overcome his difficulties. He talks about how he is learning to slow down when he talks and to more carefully "nunciate" so that I can understand how well he is doing. I have noticed that not only does he talk with adults but he also is increasingly part of the neighborhood's group of children who play together after school.
I understand that if H2222 is not passed, funding for speech pathologists in the program that serves Billy so well will be cut. That would be a real shame and a real loss to our community if Billy can't continue to progress.
I hope Billy, his folks, my neighbors and myself can count on you to support HB 2222 and the programs it supports.
Thank you 

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